2 Door Network Access Controler FS-20T

2 Door Network Access Controler FS-20T
Art.No.: FS-20T
Products category: Controllers
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  1. The access time zone of one door could have 16 groups, and it can be set up with multi ways of access,  such as: Card , Card+Password Password, Double Card, and First Card to open etc.
  2. Support Alarm Output of multi Alarms, such as: Invalid Card, Invalid Time, Door Alarm and Timed Out of Open. Multi door controller support to lock to each other
  3. Support 4  readers
Magnet Reed Switch Input: 2 (dry contact input)
Exit button input: 2 (dry contact input)
Max q ' ty of controller: No limit
Max Distance from Reader to Controller: 100m
Special function: Double Door TCP/IP 32 bit Network Access Control, Board for 4 Readers
Door control output: 2 relay outputs (10A)
Input Format of Reader: Wiegand 26~40 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID, EM , Mifare one etc)
Parameters Values
Controls Two door
Absorption, mA 100
Users 40000
Protocols TCP/IP
Memory 100000 Event Buffers
Voltage 12V DC
Opening time, s 1-600 Seconds (adjustable)