Power Supply BAW75T24

Power Supply BAW75T24
Art.No.: BAW75T24
Manufacturer: BENTEL
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+370 5 2363599
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The BAW75T24 is a power supply unit and battery charger for use with appliances that require a regulated voltage of 27.6 V and a maximum current of 2,7 A. Its power output is protected against overload, shortcircuit and accidental inversion of the battery polarity.
Parameters Values
Battery charge 2 x 12V - 17Ah max.
Output voltage 27.6Vdc, -1% / +1%
Input Voltage 230 Vac, -15% /+10%, 50/60Hz
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -5/+40
Weight, kg 0.5
Dimensions, mm 38 x 159 x 97
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