Beam smoke detector FIRERAY 3000 SYS

Beam smoke detector FIRERAY 3000 SYS
Art.No.: FIRERAY 3000 SYS
Manufacturer: Fireray
Products category: Beam smoke detectors
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+370 5 2363599
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The 3000 is ideal for applications where line of sight for the IR (infra-red) detection path is narrow and where the building structure uses reflective surfaces. It has also beendesigned to be aesthetically pleasing and thus can equally suit modern architectural buildings as well as heritage sites, particularly where ornate ceilings exist


  • Separate Transmitter and Receiver Heads
  • Range 5 to 120 metres, configurable per set of Detectors
  • 2-wire Interface between Controller and Receiver
  • Single and Twin Detector options
  • Separate Fire and Fault Relays per Detector
  • Low Level Controller with LCD display
  • Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Threshold
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for drift compensation
  • First Fix concept for Transmitter, Receiver and Controller
  • Multiple cable gland knockouts for ease of wiring
  • Power Down Reset Time: >10 seconds
  • 1 Transmitter (clear lens)
  • 1 Receiver (dark lens)
  • 1 Control Unit
Parameters Values
Relay contact VFCO 2A @ 30Volts DC resistive
Current Transmitter: 8mA; Controller (with 1 or 2 receiver): 14mA
Wave lenght 850nm
LED indication Yes
Range, m 5-120
Voltage 12 to 36V DC ±10%
Relative Humidity 93%
Protection rating (IP) 54
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -20/+55
Weight, kg 0.606; Transmitter & Receiver: 0.207
Dimensions, mm Control Unit: 203 x 124 x 71.5; Transmitter & Receiver Dimmensions: 78 x 77 x 161