Smoke alarm JB-S09

Smoke alarm JB-S09
Art.No.: JB-S09
Products category: Smoke detectors
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    Micro structure
    Product life: 10 years
    Photoelectric sensing technology
    Low-battery warning
    Local alarm memory
    End of life indicator
    Test button
    Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85db in alarm mode


    Parameters Values
    Sound level, dB 85
    Current Standby: 10uA; Alarm: 60mA
    Comply with standard EN14604
    Battery Availability: 10 years (Lithium)
    Relative Humidity 10%-90%
    Working temp. (°C Min/Max) 0/+50
    Weight, kg 0.05
    Dimensions, mm Ø45x42