CO gas alarm LM-201A

CO gas alarm LM-201A
Art.No.: LM-201A
Products category: Gas detection systems
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Carbon monoxide (CO) - a colorless and odorless gas resulting from incomplete combustion. They are very difficult to observe or smell, and their damage to humans is very high: can be damaged central nervous system, eye, respiratory, cardiovascular system, with its very high concentration - can lead to coma and even death. Particularly vulnerable to brain. Carbon monoxide effect overnight, a person can die within few minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of themselves and those who are around you.
It is important to detect carbon monoxide gas as early as possible and inform people about the risk. This type of activity is ideal for our proposed CO gas sensor LM-201A. Once the dangerous concentration of these gases is detected, the sensor alert you with luminous and sound signal that you could evacuate or ventilate the premises. Sensor LM-201A is used as a separate independent unit, powered by three AA alkaline batteries. Easy mounting and attractive price makes this sensor necessary  to every garage or boiler-room.

  • Alarming level: CO gas 150ppm CO
  • Alarming method: Visual and audible
  • Target gas: Carbon monoxide
  • Certifiied EN 50291
Parameters Values
Current Standby mode:<80uA; Working mode:0.4~1.5mA; Alarming mode:50~65mA
Response Time 50 ppm: 60-90 minutes; 100ppm: 10-40 minutes; ≥300ppm: within 3 minutes
Relative Humidity 95% RH
Sound level, dB >85
Power supply 3x1,5V AA batteries
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -10/+40
Weight, kg 0,22
Dimensions, mm 120 x 90 x 40