CO control panel MCO120

CO control panel MCO120
Art.No.: MCO120
Manufacturer: COFEM
Products category: Gas detection systems
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  • Max. number of detectors per zona: 20
  • Number of ventilation levels - 1
  • The control panel is intended to carbon monoxide (CO) detectors with SCO UNE 23300 certification.
  • This system is especially suitable for car parking lots, where you only need a 1-ventilation area or installation of multiple sensors.
  • The control panel displays the maximum CO concentration of the detected area, and turns on the air-conditioning and an alarm signal when a specific concentration is achieved after a fixed time delay.
  • Relay contact outputs for ventilation and 24 VDC alarm output.
  • The control panel allows manual activation and deactivation of ventilation.
Parameters Values
Power, VA 20
Battery charge 500 mA 27V/DC 20ºC
Current 4 A
Battery 2 X 12V 2 Ah
Relative Humidity 20%-95% RH
Output/s Ventilation: Dry contact 230 Vac/30 Vdc 2A
Voltage 26 Vdc
Zones 1
Alarm output/s 24 Vdc 0.8 A
Power supply 230V 50-60Hz/AC
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -10/+50
Weight, kg 3,45
Dimensions, mm 280 x 225 x 105
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