Swing gates automation OLTRE1824

Art.No.: OLTRE1824
Manufacturer: NICE
Products category: Automation kits
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Easy to install and compact automation set for swing gates up to 1.8 m (single sash) wide up to 100 kg. Supply voltage 24 VDC.

Technical characteristics:

• easy to program;

• self-determination of limit positions when opening and closing;

• automatic fault diagnosis;

• deceleration when opening and closing;

• Obstacle detection using dual technology;

• Operation in case of power failure is optional

rechargeable battery (PS324).
Parameters Values
Speed, Rpm 1,5
Power, W 25
Torque, Nm 150
Work cycle (cycles/hour) 60
Power supply 24VDC
Protection rating (IP) 67
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -20/+50
Weight, kg 5,5
Dimensions, mm 305x145x346
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