Kit for automation of a residential two-leaf gate ARIA 200

Art.No.: ARIA 200
Manufacturer: NICE
Products category: Swing gates
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+370 5 2363599
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Kit for automation of a residential two-leaf gate, each leaf measuring up to 2.2 m in width and weighing up to 250 kg.

Each Kit ARIA 200 contains:

  • Electromechanical worm gear motor with three Mhouse release keys and adjustable mounting brackets included.
  • 433.92 MHz, 4 button variable code transmitters. Practical wall rest included in the package.
  • Pair of wall-mounted autosynchronized photocells.
  • Adjustable flashing light, with built-in aerial.
  • External control unit for control of two ARIA200M electromechanical gear motors with integrated 433.92 MHz variable code receiver.
Parameters Values
Speed 0.016 ÷ 0.022
Opening time (s) 34
Torque (Nm) 1400
Power (W) 100
Work cycle (cycles/hour) 15
Power supply 24VDC
Protection rating (IP) IP44
Weight (kg) 6
Instruction (EN)