About us

Wide choice of electronic systems components
FIMA Distribution Centre offers an extremely wide range of components for different systems, from security, computer networks, automation and similar up to household applications. We represent both, brands of world renown like Bosch, Sanyo, DSC, Paradox, HP, Cisco, Samsung, Tamron, Commscope, etc. and manufacturers that are not so well known but are none the worse.

High stock availability and fast delivery
We guarantee that 95 per cent of all items showcased on our website are available in large quantities in our stocks. So, upon placing a specific order you do not have to wait for us to order everything from the manufacturer.

Worldwide deliveries
We can deliver your goods to any country around the globe. We can offer cheap transportation directly to your door. Also, for cargo deliveries outside the EU we can provide assistance with clearing customs.

Reliable supplier
FIMA Distribution Centre is a division of the engineering solutions company FIMA, which is controlled by US equity. FIMA is a leading system integrator in Lithuania and is currently pursuing active expansion in Latvia and Belarus. The experience and engineering competences it has accumulated since its inception in 1992 allow the company to offer products that have been carefully selected, and extend professional consultations. The company has over 300 employees, and its annual sales top EUR 30 million. For more information about the company and its projects visit

Flexible pricing
We deal with every order individually, offering discounts to our regular clients who have cooperation agreements with us. Reliable clients enjoy a flexible payment system.