GSM control panel ESIM264

GSM control panel ESIM264
Unit Price: 90,00 €
Art.No.: ESIM264
Manufacturer: ELDES
Products category: GSM alarm
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6 (expandable to 44) zones control panel. GSM burglar alarm system with smart remote device monitor and control. EN 50131-1 Grade 2 certified. Optimized for home security and small business installations. Up to 44 zones monitoring and  devices control. The basic advantage of the GSM system is the user’s ability to know immediately what’s happening at their home, apartment, warehouse, summer house or other premises even when the user himself is a long way away – in another city or country. It also allows to remotely control different devices using mobile app or just by sending an SMS message. The system supports 2 partitions.

  • Ways of configuration: SMS, USB, Internet, keypad
  • Maximum number of wireless devices: 16
  • Supported amount of keyboard: 4 EKB3 or EKB2

Parameters Values
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
PGM outputs 4. *Possibility to increase to 44
Frequency 868 MHz
Zones 6 (12 in ATZ mode). *Possibility to increase to 44
Power supply 16-24V AC or 18-24V DC
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -20/+55
Dimensions, mm 140x100x18