System design

We offer top-quality electronic engineering systems design services that comply with every standard applied to such systems.

Only a company that both sells, installs and maintains electronic engineering systems can design a flexible and customer tailored engineering system. The Design Department of Fima employs highly qualified specialists that are continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge.

The principal systems that we design are as follows:

  • security alarm systems;
  • fire alarm systems;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • access control systems;
  • computer networks;
  • telephony;
  • hotel lock systems;
  • pneumatic mail systems;
  • electronic article surveillance systems
  • sound, image, light control systems;
  • evacuation, emergency notice systems;
  • speakers, acoustic systems, microphones;
  • video projectors, LCD monitors;
  • discussion systems, multimedia systems, translation systems;
  • TV broadcasting networks and receiving equipment;
  • nurse call systems;
  • lock systems;
  • client, queue management information systems;
  • integrated design of data centres;
  • engineering systems management (BMS) automatics;
  • technological process management, measuring and control automatics;
  • sewage, water supply pumping station automatics with or without GSM data transmission;
  • fire extinguishing with water and gas, fire ventilation automatics;
  • heating unit, boiler room automatics;
  • interior, building power installations;
  • design of exterior power supply lines and facilities of up to 10 kV.